What is Stabilization?

The term referred to as Stabilization involves a process of removing moisture from a timber blank and immersing it in a viscous solution of heat curing resin.

The timber blank is then held under vacuum in order to evacuate all of the air from the piece down to a cellular level.  Once the vacuum is released, the stabilizing resin is allowed to penetrate the timber to fill the space that the air previously occupied.

After being cured in a warm oven, the stabilizing resin will turn hard, offering strength to the wood fibres that it binds and surrounds, as well as providing resistance to the elements through increased density.

This process is an essential treatment in order to use spalted, punky and soft woods as well as pieces of compromised grain strength, in many applications where strength and durability is required.

There are several stabilizing resin products available around the world.  We use Cactus Juice, which is the world leading stabilizing product.